A programming language for API design and enforcement.


Most languages and development processes rarely consider how software evolves over time. Modern software has much more complexity, dependencies, and ongoing updates than ever before making technical debt one of the largest issues in the industry. Rhovas prioritizes key features for maintainability such as API design, testing, and dependency management to allow software to adapt to changing business needs.


Software correctness is one of the hardest problems in the field. The belief in Rhovas is that most issues come from a lack of documentation for edge cases, and therefore it is more important to define these requirements than try to validate them during compilation. Along with the previous maintainability features, Rhovas supports API contracts for defining/enforcing edge cases and tools for writing documentation.


There is a trend for languages to either prioritize performance or largely ignore it, relying on hardware to fill in the gaps. Performance plays a major role in the design and usability of software, and therefore Rhovas includes it to ensure that decisions affecting maintainability or correctness are also balanced with real-world performance requirements.